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Are you affiliated with the Olympic body?
Yes, as a proud member of Judo Western Australia (Inc.), Judo Ryu WA is affiliated with the Judo Federation of Australia (Inc.), the Western Australian Olympic Council, and the Western Australian Sports Federation. Judo Western Australia (Inc.) is the only official Judo association in WA and recognised by the Western Australian Department of Sport and Recreation.

Do you have insurance?
Yes, Judo Ryu WA, being a member club of Judo Western Australia (Inc.), is fully insured.

Do your coaches have a Working with Children's check?
Yes, all senior coaches have a valid Working with Children's check and can make this available to you upon request. Junior coaches do not require this check until they turn 18.

Do all members have to become members of Judo WA (Inc.)?
Yes, they do. As a member club of Judo WA it is our standard policy that all members must join Judo WA. A grace period of a couple of weeks applies just to make sure that this is the sport for you. In return you'll have access to all of the benefits that membership of Judo WA (Inc.) bring, including but not limited to insurance coverage, access to events, training and accreditation of coaches and officials, recognised grading, etc.

Do you conduct regular gradings or belt exams?
Yes, we conduct gradings once or twice a year, depending on a couple of factors. Grading is not mandatory, but recommended. Each person is individually assessed and a variety of factors are taken into account during grading.

I can't find your pricing information on your website. How much does it cost to enrol?
Please contact us to obtain our current pricing information and specials.

When can I start? When can my child start?
Anytime! Yes that's right, anytime. We won't make you sign long-term lock-in contracts like some other martial arts companies, you can start anytime you are ready. Simply book your free trial today by contacting us.

Is the answer to your question not here? Simply contact us on the contact details above...

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