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About Judo Ryu WA


Judo Ryu WA was founded in early 2004 to provide Judo training to children aged 5.5 and over. Coach Robert's kids were old enough to start Judo, but nobody offered classes in the area. Hence we started teaching classes at the Fremantle PCYC, initially only for children, but soon followed by additional classes catering for all age groups, and all levels. Check our current training location and times for more information.

Our Coaches
Coach Robert
Head coach Robert
Our head coach is Robert Tichelaar, a Yon-Dan Judo (4th Dan black belt), who trained in The Netherlands and has over 40 years of experience as a Judo player, qualified coach, and International Referee (IJF-A).

Junior coach Patrick
Patrick started Judo in 2005 at the Fremantle PCYC, is a current 1st Dan black belt, and has competed in the 2009-2019 Australian National championships and 2015 World Championships -18yo (Bosnia). Patrick regularly coaches the warm-up part of classes and kids just love to (try and) verse him during training and he has an excellent report with children in general.

Junior coach Owen
Owen started Judo in 2005 at the Fremantle PCYC, is a current 1st Dan black belt, and has competed in the 2009-2019 Australian National championships, 2015 Oceania Judo Championships (New Caledonia) and the 2015 World Championships -18yo (Bosnia) and 2018 Juniors World Championship (Bahamas). Owen has great technical skills and is able to transfer these skills to our younger friends in class.

How we teach
Robert teaches Judo in an active, fun and safe manner. Judokas (players) are taught a variety of techniques, while at the same time learning to respect and "care" for each other. This is based on Robert's principle that "Judo is Duo", meaning that it takes two to practise Judo. In other words, you should look after each other, as you cannot play Judo on your own. Gradings are held in accordance with the Judo Federation of Australia's grading policies.

About our name
The Japanese word "Ryu" translates into "Place where the tradition is carried forward", in other words a "School". Judo Ryu WA then becomes Judo Schools Western Australia.

About our logo
The colour orange was choosen to reflect energy, joy and brightness (in life), as well as to acknowledge coach Robert's home country Holland, which national colour is orange (after the Royal family's last name being "van Oranje"). The middle orange circle (with slightly darker outer circle) reflects the Japanese rising sun, acknowledging the japanese origins of our great olympic sport. The japanese characters on the left mean "Ju" and the ones on the right mean "Do", together forming the word Judo, meaning "The Gentle Way". And last but not least, the blue and white judo players in the middle reflect the competition side of the sport which at international level is practised by one player wearing a blue and the other wearing a white suit.

Come and join us
Why not come and join us for a bit of Judo-fun with a free complimentary lesson. Want to know where and when..... check our current training locations and times.

Need more info?
Want to know more about Judo? Check out our Judo Info page. Alternatively feel free to contact us with any feedback, questions or suggestions.

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