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Term 4 – 2020     Commencing October 13th !!

After working closely together with Judo Western Australia and the Fremantle PCYC to ensure a safe return to sport, we’re delighted that our classes have resumed for Term 3 – 2020 and will continue to run in Term 4.

Junior classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:00 – 6:00pm and Tuesday senior class 6:10 – 7:25pm.

New members to register for a Free Trial class. You’ve been kept indoors and out of sport for too long, come and join us. Come and HAVE A GO @ JUDO !


Successful Belt Grading completed 20th of September 2020


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We teach Judo in an active, fun and safe manner. Judokas (players) are taught a variety of techniques, while at the same time learning to respect and ‘care’ for each other. This is based on our principle that ‘Judo is Duo’, meaning that it takes two to practise Judo. In other words, you should look after each other, as you can not play Judo on your own.

Benefits of Judo include:


05:00 – 06:00pm

05:00 -06.00pm

*During schools term

Seniors & Advanced Youth

06:10 – 07:25pm

*During schools term

Have a Go at Judo

Come and enjoy a FREE TRIAL class with us.

Register here for a  complimentary, no obligations free trial class.

meet our coaches

Our coaches bring you a wealth of Judo knowledge gained over decades of dedicated Judo practise around the world.

Head coach Robert trained and coached in The Netherlands before establishing our current club Judo Ryu WA here in Australia back in 2004. Robert is an International Referee with the International Judo Federation (IJF) and an IJF certified Judo Instructor currently working at Murdoch University as a Lecturer/Tutor in the Murdoch Business School.

Coaches Patrick and Owen have represented WA and Australia at numerous national and inter-national championships, all the way up to the Cadet & Junior World Championships.

Patrick is currently studying Sports Science while focusing on and training for the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Owen is dedicated to obtaining his Personal Training certificates which will no doubt benefit him in his personal training efforts and aspirations to compete at the next Olympics.

And Coach Michael no longer looks THAT young….

Robert Tichelaar

robert Tichelaar

Head Coach
4th Dan Black Belt
International Referee
NCAS level 2 Judo Coach
IJF Level 1 Judo Coach
NCAS Level 2 Judo Coach

Coach Patrick

Patrick tichelaar

1st Dan Black Belt
National C-Level Referee
IJF Level 1 Judo Coach
Australian National Gold Medallist 2015 Cadet World Championships Australian Representative
2017 Junior National Champion

Owen roberts-mok

1st Dan Black Belt
State A-Level Referee
Oceania Gold Medallist
Australian National Gold Medallist
2015 Cadet & 2017 Junior World Championships Australian Representative

michael tichelaar

Junior Coach
1st Kyu Brown Belt

What People Say

“Fantastic club! My daughter loves it so much!”


Proud parent

“Friendly club with great instruction”


Adult Judoka

judo quotes

“It is not important to be better than someone else, but to be better than yesterday.”

“If there is effort, there is always accomplishment.”
(both) Jigoro Kano – Founder of Judo   (1860 – 1938)

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International Judo Federation
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